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Dad’s Musing – Peace September 7, 2012

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My dad writes a sort of devotional many mornings on Facebook.  I thought this morning’s was really good so I am copying it here.  He calls it “Max’s Morning Musing”……

“Max’s Morning Musing; Do you ever wake up in the night (or really early morning) and can’t go back to sleep? It seems that happens to me more and more of late. There are a lot of things I could blame it on, but, mostly, when I wake up early like that there is something, or someone on my mind. I find it best just to get up and start my daily routine. Well, this morning was one of those mornings. There seems to be so much going on in my life and family that I cannot do a thing about. I am one to fight for the things I believe in, but there are some things that no matter how hard I fight, I cannot do a thing about. Some things I simply cannot control, I can’t win those battles. I know I’m not the only one with those things in life, changes in family living places, health, ministry that you wonder if you did enough. I always wonder when a family I have spent time with falls apart, did I do all I could have? Stuff I can’t control! That’s the kind of stuff that wakes me up. In the midst of all that stuff that rattles around in my gray matter, there very often will be a Scripture that pops in and gives me some reassurance. That happened this morning, the verse was there as I was getting my coffee. I was thinking about all that stuff that I cannot control, and there it was! That verse! I know it’s in Isaiah – but where? So, I get up, get my coffee, and sit down with God’s Word. Aha! There it is, Isaiah 26:12, “Lord, you establish peace for us; all that we have accomplished you have done for us.” I find that I need to be constantly reminded of that, despite all the stuff that wakes me up, the Lord establishes peace for me! Why don’t I live in that? All that I accomplish isn’t really my own doing. He has done it for me. What an amazing privilege to think that I serve the Creator of everything, and He allows me to be a part of His plan. And, gives me His Peace! Why do I wake up worrying about the things I cannot control? Because I’m still human! But, I will try to get a nap later today to get my rest, and in the mean time, I’m going to stand on the truth of Isaiah 26:12, “Lord, you have established peace for us (me); all that we (I) have you have established for us (me).” I’m going with that today, will you join me? Blessings!”


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