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Time’s Up! October 24, 2012

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I just looked back at the last entries that I posted and it’s been 7 weeks.  I can’t believe how much has happened in those 7 weeks!  I feel exhausted just thinking back about it!

As I type this now, I am sitting in a hotel in Panama City, Panama just 63 hours away from flying out of Panama.  Our house and our lives are packed up, diluted down to just 10 suitcases and 18 boxes.  That happened in 7 weeks.  Also during those 7 weeks, Clint has been to Ecuador and back; and to South Africa and back.  There were 3 yard sales (“Venta de Patio”).  We sold our van to a couple – neither of whom have a driver’s licenses.  There was a trip to a beach that ended up at the pool since we couldn’t get to the beach because all the fisherman were not fishing.  There were 2 official Farewell Parties for us.  Our landlady arrived back in Volcan and literally moved into our house minutes before we left.  Then there was the 7-hour drive to Panama City yesterday.

It has been crazy.  Busy.  There have been tears.  There have been hugs.  There have been good-byes and see-ya-laters.  We even had to say good-bye to Meisie, our lovely and loved Golden Retriever.  After all we did to get her ready to come with us, it ended up just being too expensive.  But guess what?  She gets to stay in HER yard and HER house with our landlady!  We have been so blessed with the very best landlady for these almost-2 years, and she loves dogs and she is going to provide a loving home for our doggy.  That’s the bright spot in this otherwise sad (and VERY tearful) story!

And now?  Now, there is the excitement of the unknown ahead of us.

We are taking these last 3 days to spend together, as a family, relaxing in a hotel.  I’m so grateful we’re doing this.  We have never, ever done this before.  Just relaxed in a hotel.  But it’s good to do it now.  Just rest.  And catch our breath.

As a reminder of a big part of WHY we’re moving, Dad started chemotherapy this morning.  My sister, Jennifer, has been so faithful in updating and explaining all that’s going on with Dad and this journey that we’re on together.  You should check out her blog if you want to know more about the cancer and the treatment and stuff….   palmtreejen.wordpress.com

So, I am here enjoying not having to do anything at all.  For a couple more days, anyway!



One Response to “Time’s Up!”

  1. palmtreejen Says:

    I love you so much and am truly looking forward to being your sister in person! lol I’m so excited that we get to live close and be friends and raise our kids together and hang out and stuff. you know. sister stuff!

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