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Overwhelmed But Not Consumed. November 15, 2012

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Tomorrow will mark 3 weeks that we have been back in the USA.  And this is my first post since then.  What does that tell you?  It tells you that I have been just too overwhelmed to think about what I might want to tell anyone.


On the outside, everything is good.  We arrived back to Kokomo, to our little apartment where we stayed for 6 months in 2010-2011.  Same apartment, same furniture, same sheets, same same same.  That has been a comfort. Being in the familiar.  When we arrived, there was a 2002 Pontiac Montana minivan in the driveway….a gift for us from Crossroads Community Church!  What a blessing that van has already been in 3 weeks!  We’ve never been given a car before…Wow.  Just wow.

The girls got into the school that we had prayed for.  We are getting settled in very well.

But my heart just feels turned upside down and inside out.  Surprisingly, none of us feel particularly sad about leaving Panama, or even about having left OM.  We feel just so at peace and 100% sure that this is where God has lead us. But there is a part of my heart that just feels overwhelmed with this new phase.  So overwhelmed that I don’t even know why or with what.  But, even in this re-entry and re-defining phase of our life, we are trusting God.  We are blessed as we see Him opening doors for us and our future here in the States.  He has been good to us and always faithful.

So even as we navigate this new life, we trust in the One who is neither old nor new.  And we wait on Him.


One Response to “Overwhelmed But Not Consumed.”

  1. palmtreejen Says:

    I love you Seester.

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