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September 2, 2013

Filed under: Becky's Thoughts... — A Heart of Flesh @ 12:19 pm

Yesterday I sat trying to write a required paper for my Infant and Child Development class.  It was an article review and had to be written in APA format with proper citations, both in-text and on the references/works cited page.  blah blah blah.  All the rules and regulations.  

In my frustration, I felt like screaming, “JUST LET ME WRITE WHAT I WANT!” 

Yeah, it’s been that long since I blogged.  I had almost forgotten the freedom and joy I find in blogging.  

So, here I am again.  In the midst of my crazy life (full-time Mom and wife, full-time para-teacher, full-time student).  I might as well blog, too.  I need a place to sort it all out and just be. 

Join me.  Start the coffee a-brewin’.  I’m looking forward to it.


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